ABNORMAL INHUMANE (GR) – brutal death metal


Pátek / Friday (18.5 / May 18th 2018) 21:00 – 21:40

Abnormal Inhumane

Abnormal Inhumane formed in 2010. After a few months Tasos (vocals) and K (guitar) joined the band and at this line up the band recorded the first 2-track promo called ”Murder”.
2011 and the band recorded a debut full length album called ”Disgusting Cruelty of Homicide”. After the recording sessions Jim (also: Birth Of Depravity) and Stelios joined the band.
The first full length album was released at 6th December of 2011 from Anopsys Records and Inherited Suffering Records.
In order to support this release the band gave some live shows with a session singer because the first singer Tasos unfortunatly left from this world.
The band continued the hard work with new frontman Kostas psd (ex- Remnants Of Flesh, Formikation, Angstridden) and recorded 2 promo tracks to reveal new material from the upcoming album.
After some live with this line up Kostas psd left from the band for personal reasons and Mitsos (also Sadistic Purification) replace him.
After some several rehearsals the band recorded their second album entitled “Consuming the Infinity”.
At 30th December of 2016 second album released via New Standard Elite.