Čtvrtek / Thursday  (17.5 / May 17th 2018) 17:30 – 18:00

Begging for Incest

“It all began in 2006 somewhere in a rehearsal room in Cologne. Jan, Chris and Max started practicing as a fun sideproject with the idea to mix early slam influences with hardcore beatdowns and release one demo. 

Soon followed the first 3-Track-Demo and based on the feedback that was received the sideproject developed to a full-time band. 

In 2008 the first EP ‚Awaiting the Fist’ was released through ‚Pathologically Explicit Recordings‘. 

2010 brought a lineup change with Meik as a new vocalist. In the following years a lot of shows and tours around Europe and the US were played. The release of the first full-length ‚Orgasmic Selfmutilation’ in 2012 through ‚Inherited Suffering Records‘ also affected this in a positive way. 

Just before it would become a bit quiet around the band, the second full-length ‚F I N S T E R N I S‘ had been released in 2016 through ‚Rising Nemesis Records‘. Now we’re eager to keep on playing live, spreading our stuff to a bigger audience and make new memories!” 

2016 Album “Finsternis”
2012 Album “Orgasmic Selfmutilation”
2008 EP “Awaiting 
The Fist”