FECALIZER (MEX) – horror gore grind


Thursday / čtvrtek – May 17 Květen 00:00 – 00:40


Fecalizer is a Gore Grind band from Nayarit, Mexico created in spring at 2003, inspired and influenced by bands like Mortician, Dead Infection, Mucupurulent, LDOH, CBT, Carcass, Exhumed among many others. Since the beginning the band starts playing everywhere, from private shows to long tours around Mexico, that´s how people starts to recognize them and the name became kind of popular in Mexican Grindcore scene. The band continue playing show after show and that’s what delayed the recording of their first demo; is in summer at 2006 during the rehearsals for the “In the Name of Gore Tour 2006” when the band decides to record their first demo ever: “Masters of Shit (The Toilet Sessions 2006)”. Next year the band release their second demo called “Zombie Attack Live” and in winter 2008, their first split album with Mexican band Pigto. After that, the band starts to work in many projects, tours and splits with bands like Paracocci…, Semen, Mixomatosis, Carnal Diafragma, Analkholic among others. In 2009 the band books their first European tour and starts to get many offers for tours inside and out Mexico. In 2014 the band release a first full length album “Zombie Mankind Extermination” under the label Bizarre Leprous Production, also the MCD album “The Walking Dead Invasion” was release in Taiwan, the second full length album, “Gore Galore” comes in 2016 with Coyote Records from Russia and starts a new European promotional tour around 12 countries with great critics and many sold-out shows in the old continent. In the beginning of this year the band release another MCD album under the name “Grind Galore”, as a continuation of their second full length album, this time under Pathologically Explicit Recordings from Spain. Today the band is working in their third full length album that will be called “Fecal Inferno”, a new European tour for 2018 and of course, the first Fecalizer´s Best of Album called “Back from the Grave: The Wonder (S)Hits”, under CDN Records from Canada to celebrate 14 years of career.