MORONIC (DE) – old school death/grind

Sobota / Saturday (19.5. / May 19th 2018) 14:30 – 15:00


MORONIC stands for the everyday madness.

But how do you escape?

With music, punched straight in your face!!!


This German steam-boiler has a lot of pressure to discharge with dirty old-school, brutal death metal.But it is not easy to classify this multi-faceted demolition pear.

MORONIC pushes directly in the stomach also with elements of Grind, Death, Crust, Punk or Doom.The palette is endless, and each song is filled with own accents.


MORONIC was founded in May 2014 by 5 musicians, which all were playing activ in bands and kneweach other for many years.For example, Claus P. Oehler (Clausi, main vocals), Hans Joachim Daub (guitar) and Gianni Cutrona (drums) are well known in the scene, through the German Grindcore legend BLOOD. Also Michael Heinrich (guitar & background vocals), Gianni and Clausi already worked successfully in the Technical Death Metal Formation AB:NORM (Ger). Patrick Franzen (bass) comes from the goregrind newcomer WEEPING SKULLS (Ger).

The band, however, sees itself primarily as a live act, which will take no prisoners.