PORNTHEGORE (RO) – crazy gore dance

Sobota / Saturday (19.5. / May 19th 2018) 01:00 – 01:40


Only a few will remember the band’s first steps in the late 2000s-era when guitarist Dean Dick and vocalist Bubbles founded PORNTHEGORE. Years of rehearsals followed until three more Soulsearch pornfreaks found a new home after their breaking-off: Mr. Erection (vocals), Snoble-Lat(bass) and Merciless Dickface(drums) joined PORNTHEGORE and the band got completed. The band is located in Buzău, Romania.
There are tons of bands on this globe that are easier to describe than PORNTHEGORE. Intense Porno Sucky Fucky Spiritual Philosophical Music is the label that was chosen by PTG themselves. The band breaks out of musically pigeonholing and instead combines the best aspects of the single genres to create an own sound: Mantra Kamasutra- and tribal-like drumming lays the foundation for hypnotically porns created by one 6-string, accentuated with deepthroat sound samples from the internet and finally hammered through the auditory canals by the pulsating masturbating bass. The conjuring and mourning vocals of two singers guides you through the darkest abysses of a gloryhole, the world of PTG. A semenful change between fast umpa umpa lightness and mighty slow groovy motioned guitar walls evokes emotions of cumshots, sexual harassment, penis in vagina, affiliation, love and more.