SCHIZOGEN (UA) – brutal death metal

Pátek / Friday (18.5 / May 18th 2018) 20:00 – 20:45


Schizogen 1


The band was formed in the end of 2011. Since that time it went through lots of transformations just like regarding of band member and like music details as well. During all time of existence musicians were making lots of experiments, seeking for their own sound and appearance. As it was planned from the very beginning, the main direction leading the band forward appeared to be Brutal Death Metal, inspired by father’s of this genre.

After all complete on that moment material was gathered, the band records its debut album “Parasitic Origin” and in the end of 2016 releases it at well known among brutal maniacs Spanish label Pathologically Explicit Recordings. This work received plenty of positive reviews from all over the world and became so called starting point, appeared to be first massive achievement in band’s arsenal.

In a while, artists started to create new tracks for second full album, which is planned to be released in the end of 2018, start of 2019 at the new label, the one which band has already signed down the contract.

One of the tracks named “Birth Of The Great Mass”, which will be included in future album, is already available at our pages in the social networks.

Also group shows good concert activity shooting with powerful Brutal at thematic concerts and festivals.

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Parasitic Origin Full-length 2016
Slave New World Single 2017
Birth of the Great Mass Single 2017