Fumes of decay (Holland) – Brutal DM


Sobota / Saturday (18.5. / May 18th 2019) 17:20 – 18:00

Fumes of decay was founded in 2007 by Jeroen, Martin and Renke. When Henk and Niels joined us in 2008 our liveup was complete. After recording our demo ‘Festering abscess fornication’ in 2009, Fumes of decay started playing shows in the Netherlands.
Fumes of decay was contacted by Sevared records in 2010, which helped releasing the debut album ‘Devouring the excavated’ in 2011.
In 2016 the ‘Rotten deformity’ promo was released.


Member changes;

Jeroen; vocals from 2007 – 2012

Nico; vocals from 2012 – 2017

Martin; Bass 2007 – 2017


In 2017 we stabilized our occupation with Coen on vocals and Bert on bass. Now with our new formation and new material Fumes of decay is out for brutality more then ever!


Fumes of decay played at Stonehenge festival (NL), Nurnberg Deathfest (DE), Houten deathfest (NL), NRW deathfest (DE), Gotherburg Deathfest (SE), Rock the hell (SUI), with bands as Gorgasm, Defeated sanity, Disavowed, Condemned, Analepsy, Goreinhaled and Dying fetus.




See you live!