In Demoni (DE) – Brutal Slam DM

Pátek / Friday (17.5 / May 17th 2019) 12:40 – 13:15


Since the founding in 2013 and the first album titled “So trieb sich die Welt ins
Dunkel” there have been some changes in the lineup which shifted the bands
style from Black/Death Metal to Brutal Death Metal with elements of Tech and
Slam. We shared the stage with well known bands in the scene like Cytotoxin or
Pighead and upcoming acts such as Jehacktet, Violent Frustration, Human Prey,
Brutal Unrest or Kinnara. Furthermore we have been confirmed to play a few
concerts in 2018, four of which will be with Katalepsy.
In 2016 we released our EP “Genetic Degeneration” under the banner of Rotten
Cemetery Records which laid the foundation of our new full-length album “The
Grand Slam”. It will most likely be release in July (because delay in the
pressfactory in south America) and will prevent the hands of Brutal Death Metal
fetishists to stay above the blanket.
You can’t go wrong with In Demoni when it comes to a nice Death Metal party
since we combine fun, neck-crushing riffs, “zombie”-(and normal) circle-pits and
“damn-this-looks-rather-difficult-to-play”-moments. Unless you hate fun, In
Demoni will be a great addition to any Death Metal concert due to the variety of