Mercyless (FR) – Old school DM blasphemy

Sobota / Saturday (18.5. / May 18th 2019) 23:00 – 24:00


Among the genuine originators of the mid-80’s French Extreme Metal scene, few were the ones able to really export their unholy art, get the recognition they deserved from the worldwide underground and be still around quite 25-30 years after their inception: LOUDBLAST, AGRESSOR, SUPURATION, MERCYLESS and PUTRID OFFAL.

Formed in 1987, MERCYLESS released their kvlt debut, “Abject Offerings”, produced by world-class producer Colin Richardson (Carcass, Machine Head, Napalm Death..), in 1992 through UK’s Vinyl Solution / World in Flames. Preceded by three demos and an EP (“Immortal Harmonies”, “Visions from the Past”, “Vomiting Nausea” from 1988 to 1990), followed by countless gigs in Europe, the album, with its trademark riffing and vocal styles on top of a brutal, uncompromising yet crystal-clear production and a truly personal approach of unholy Death Metal, immediately earned the band the worldwide recognition it deserved.

Soon followed by “Coloured Funeral”, still produced by Colin Richardson, in 1993 through Century Media. The album was spread by a tour with DEATH and ANACRUSIS, another one with MORGOTH, UNLEASHED, TIAMAT and SAMAEL, and a lot of french gigs with CANNIBAL CORPSE, OBITUARY, ASPHYX, HYPOCRISY, LOUDBLAST, AGRESSOR, SUP, DESULTORY, MASSACRA.. Both albums and MERCYLESS altogether are still seen as some of the kvltest Death Metal band and releases of the early nineties.

MERCYLESS eventually released two more albums (“C.O.L.D.”, 1996 and “Sure to Be Pure”, 2000), both through Germany’s Impact / System Shock – the later full-length being a posthumous release), showcasing a more progressive and cold Thrash / Death before disbanding in 1998 after a final Spanish tour.

Back from the grave in 2011, the band started re-releasing its back-catalog, (“In memory of Agrazabeth”, a compilation of demos and rarities in 2011 and “Visions from the Past, live 1989”, an official bootleg in 2012) before entering the studio again to record their comeback (fifth) full-length, “Unholy Black Splendor”, produced by Dan Swanö (ASPHYX, OPETH, DISSECTION..), released in 2013, and a split EP, “Blast from the Past”, with just-resurrected French act CRUSHER in 2015, soon followed by European tours with fellow french veterans LOUDBLAST, CATACOMB, and NO RETURN.

Meanwhile, MERCYLESS reissued their kvlt debut with three different labels on CD, LP and cassette tape. KAOSKVLT, the new KAOTOXIN division dedicated to old-school gems reissues, releasing on early 2016 to celebrate the album’s 25th anniversary what’s most probably the trvest, rarest and kvltest version: a 100 collector copies cassette tape edition.

While celebrating these reissues, MERCYLESS signed to Kaotoxin (XENOKORP now) and entered the Psykron (PUTRID OFFAL) and Conkrete (OTARGOS, ANATA remasters…) studios to record their sixth studio full-length, “Pathetic Divinity”. Preceeded by a free digital single titled “Altered Divination” in June 2016, the album was released on October 2016 marking a year full of celebrations for the band’s 30th anniversary.
The album was followed by European tours with PUTRID OFFAL and AVULSED.
Waiting for the reissue of “Coloured Funeral”, and already working on new material, the band keeps spreading the ETERNAL DEATH CULT!