One Day In Fukushima (IT) – 666% GrindCore

Sobota / Saturday (18.5. / May 18th 2019) 11:00 – 11:30

One Day In Fukushima born in late summer 2014 by Fabrizio and Valerio and their passion for extreme sounds. In November of the same year the two boys meet at the Kaspar House studio to record some unpublished works (which will be included in the future demo). Shortly thereafter, Francesco on the second guitar and Vincenzo on bass join the line-up. The band resumes Grindcore sounds, but the influences come from other genres such as Death Metal, Punk / hc, Crust … The band took part in some works (splits with several bands and compilations) and released the demo at the beginning June 2015, all accompanied by live activity. In September of the same year Cosimo joined the group as a drummer, both in the studio and live.

In 2016 the band released a 7″ split with Genocidal Terror from Belgium via Zas Records and Vleesklak records, an LP compilation “Crash Mandolino 2.0 aka Italia Violenta” with several bands from the italian scene (Tsubo, Neid, Ape Unit and many more) via Zas Records.

In 2017 the band released a split CD with Intravenous Poison (Vito from Ultimo Mondo Cannibale) and a Tribute to Terrorizer compilation with Misery Index, Tu Carne, Haemorrhage and many more via Mediaplan Group and RottenRoll Rex.

During the winter 2017/2018 the band recorded 18 songs for their debut album “Ozymandias” released in April 2018 via Eclectic records.

Currently, the band is working to write new songs, continuing to playing live, however, sharing the stage with more or less known names, last among all Venomous Concept, Cripple Bastards, Total Chaos, M.D.C. and Natron.



“Ozymandias’’ – Full Album (2018)

“Italiani Sempre Rumore” – Split CD w/ Intravenous Poison (2017)

“Tribute To Terrorizer” – Compilation CD (2017)

“One More Step To Extinction” – 7″ Split w/ Genocidal Terror (2016)

“Crash Mandolino aka Italia Violenta” – LP Compilation (2015)

“Demo 2015” – Demo CD (2015)

“United Nations Of Grindcore” – Digital Compilation (2015)

“Mutilative Perspective” – Digital Compilation (2014)