Soils of fate (Sweden) – Brutal DM

Sobota / Saturday (18.5. / May 18th 2019) 21:00 – 22:00

Soils of Fate is a Swedish death metal band. The group formed in early 1995 and are known for their unique “ultra groovy slam death metal-style”. The band was founded by Henrik Crantz and Magnus Lindvall in the northern part of Stockholm.

Heavily influenced by the New York and Texas DM scenes, but still with a European touch they created something far more different than the death metal Sweden is known for.

Their career is highlighted by the 2003 release “Crime Syndicate”, which features Kevin Talley on drums (ex. Dying Fetus, Suffocation) and guest vocals by Ruben Rosas (Devourment).

They are considered to be the first Swedish “slam death metal” act ever.



Pain…Has a Face (demo 97)

Blood Serology (demo 98)

Sandstorm 2001 (fullenght CD)

Crime Syndicate 2003 (fullenght CD)

Highest In The Hierarchy Of Blasting Sickness 2005 (compilation CD)

Thin The Herd 2014 (fullenght CD)


Current line-up:

Vocals – Andy Tseung (Immersed In Blood, ex. Vomitous)

Drums – Henrik Axelsson (The Crown)

Bass – Cloffe Caspersson

Guitar – Magnus Lindvall