Parental Advisory (Austria) – SlamDeath Metal

Čtvrtek / Thursday May 21 květen 2020 21:00 – 22:00

Parental Advisory – well known,short and simple name for something “explicit”. This name shouldbe used also back in 1997 by four guys from the same hood- Sic, Otto, Marathonand Rene for their new musical project. Parental Advisory was born! Based on the 90’s Death Metal and its typicalmelodic and groovy influence, combinedwith very deep growls. Influences from bands like Cannibal Corpse,Morbid Angel, Deicide and so on. The lyrics contained themes like Zombies, Horror and suicide and – their fanbase developed very fast. After they played their beginning shows,Parental Advisory recorded in 1998 theirfirst demo called “Butcher” and one yearlater the second demo called “Infested withZombies”. Both of them were sold out very quickly. In the meantime the guys playeda lot of shows in Austria. Also supportinginternational Death Metal Hughes likeImmolation, Eminence, Darkest Hour etc. Their first Austrian tour was in spring andsummer of 2000 – The Foreskin Tour togehterwith Seeds of Sorrow and Cryosphere. A new drummer replaced Rene on the drums – Beisser – a good friend of the band and quick on his drumkit. The band developed bigger and bigger and more shows were played in Austria and outside of Austria. A new full lenght album was recorded in 2004 – “Zombie Legion”. Because of some differences between the bandan the drummer Beisser, he was replaced byTom, former drummer for Seeds of Sorrow. The band toured all over Europe and supportedbands like Gwar, Pungent Stench etc. andhave heavy promoted their record “Zombie Legion”. But finally the time came to create a new record.Something that shows the real DeathMetal thing, the real heartbeat of the band. The recording session for “The Wither Process”started in spring of 2008 and it wasengineered by Gregore Marboe – a good friendof the band and bassplayer for PungentStench and Hollenthon. The band got very quickly a deal from the Czech label Nice toeat you Records. This record is the “mirror”of the band – Merciless Brutal Death Metal,fast, based on technical skills but still witha big portion of heavy groove, containing themes like gore, sex, suicide, religion … Horns up! – Parental Advisory