Purulent Spermcanal (CZ) – GoreGrind


Pátek / Friday May 22 květen 2020 13:00 – 14:00

Everything started as a project named “Pharmacist” Sometimes in 1995 or 1996 in composition
Kokeš (drums), Marunič (guitar) and Petrouš (sing). After several tests, however,
singer Petrouš started his own project “Purulent Spermcanal,“ to which after
a few weeks later, joined the remaining members of Pharmacist – Kokeš A Marunič.

In a few months we’re making the first demo „Puaka Balava,“ which see the light of world in 1997 as
first album. After the release of this album, additional considers instead of bass Stanley „Butter“ Mandok. In four, we played a couple of concerts and we again going to the studio. The result is the second album “Legalize For Cannibalism” which appeared on the market in the year 1998. In the same time we publish 7ep “Sperman” – With Australian “Viscerou.”

After few months our singer Petrouš go away and be replaced by Roman JanečKa (Used to be singer in  Social Deformity). With Roman it is a solid Gore-Grind. Comes first concert abroad (Warsaw – PL) and many Concerts over our country. After disagreements about evolution of our music, the singer Roman go away too. Behind the microphone goes Marunič and with the help of Kokeše
we’re making in three next album –  “We pity Didn’t’T Kill You All”.

We are playing a few gigs, sometimes, we use as a singer Milan, which is now singing foe „Carnal Junction.” Milan take care fully about Defines Carnal Junction and we are in three  making material for “Sufficient Distaste,”  witch is released with “Coffe Grinders Ex-Dead Infection” on a common album .

Without singer it is not good, but we are lucky – Marunič in pub met Křovák which promises to take a free post and actually so becoming. In a stable form (Kokeš – drums, Marek – guitar,
Staník – bass and Křovák – vocals) Traveled to the festival „Obscene Extreme 2000“  to
Trutnov. On autumn 2000 Křovák joined the army, which of course will not prevent
sing with us at every concert.

After arriving of Křovák from army, we practicing and we are going to record.
In June 2002, we are closing us into the studio. As a pause, we are going to „Obscene Extreme 2002“ again to Trutnov, where we are testing the new material “on humans.” Encouraged by positive feedback, we are go back to studio and we are going to finish the album  “Have The Munchies,” which is published in January 2003. After that Cd with song going away from Gore-Grind, so we decided it’s  time to let Purulent Spermcanal  fall asleep, and join the music under the another namw. In summer 2017  Marunič and Kokeš told after few drinks himself: “Old rotten Spermcanal must be awaken!”. Word gave the word we address Kubiš to post bass guitarist and Milan on the post scream. We started fully practicing and in February 2018 we are going to record five song on new album, which is released by Bizzare Leprous production with “Pulmonary Fibrosis” from France. We are lucky again – we receive a good offers on good concerts – Guttural Gore Grind Mafia, Flesh party and more!